For production crews hoping to use a balanced house system, augmented by their own unbalanced system, a converter of some sort is required. The  Production Intercom AD920 fills that need. The Production Intercom AD920 will permit unbalanced stations to be added to a balanced circuit, or balanced stations to an unbalanced circuit.The AD920 also permits the unbalanced system's DC voltage signaling system to trigger the balanced system's 20kHz tone signaling system, and vice-versa.In use, the presence of the adaptor should be undetectable. Each circuit to be converted will require its own AD920. The  Production Intercom AD920 will also permit a complete unbalanced system with its own power supply (or master station) to be interfaced with a complete balanced system, with its own power supply (or master station), although some deterioration in level and sidetone stability may occur unless the termination resistor in one of the systems is removed.

The Production Intercom AD920 is powered by the system supply and requires no batteries or independent power source. It has no user-operated controls and is simply connected between the two sets of stations using the rear panel male and female XLR-type jacks, clearly marked 'Balanced' and 'Unbalanced'


Production Intercom AD920 Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 24~30VDC
  • Current consumption: 10~15mA
  • Impedances: Balanced 600 ohm, Unbalanced 200 ohm
  • Trigger voltage (unbalanced side): 8~12VDC
  • Trigger tone (balanced side): 20kHz
  • Size: 3.70x4.30x2.50in (93.98x109.22x63.5mm)