Panel Features:
  • The AD913 is connected to the intercom system as is a belt-pack, via the female 3-pin XLR on the rear.
  • The AD913 is powered by the intercom power supply.
  • Connection to the (base) transceiver is made through a 6-pin male XLR, also on the back panel.
  • Production Intercom can provide connecting cables for most popular makes of transceivers.
  • The front panel contains two 15-turn potentiometers for matching the send and receive levels of the transceiver to the intercom system
  • The input stage of the AD913 includes a studio quality microphone transformer.
  • The output is also transformer isolated.
  • Frequency response has been carefully shaped to optimize both intelligibility and long-term listening comfort

Your transceivers should be of professional quality, and operate in the UHF band.The use of consumer products such as ‘Family Radio Service’ devices is not recommended and is not considered proper use of them by the FCC. The appropriate transceivers are referred to as ‘Land Mobile’ devices and are sold by specialty dealers