The Production Intercom SB1 will split one cable run into four, or split one cable run into two and add a new isolated circuit with two connectors. The ‘Isolate” switch changes the function.

Though beltpacks, etc. often let you run the circuit into one XLR and then loop onwards to the next station from a second XLR, often it is awkward and inconvenient to have two cables trailing off your hip. Running a circuit to a position near several beltpacks and into an SB1 will allow you to run only one cable to each of 2, 3, or 4 beltpacks. Not only is this more convenient but can requires a great deal less cable

Where you have too few outlets at the back of a Master Station or Power Supply, plugging n SB1 into one of those outlets gives you four.

The SB1 is tough and can tolerate lying around on the floor as well as the rigors of loading in and out.


Most system masters and power supplies provide a maximum of three connections per circuit. SB-1’s can be used at the system master or power supply location to multiply the number of home-run connections which can be made to each circuit.

The SB-1 is equipped with an Isolate button. When this button is depressed, two of the XLR output connections are isolated from the incoming communications circuit, while power is passed through to a newly formed circuit. Internal components provide the necessary termination circuitry for the new circuit.